WEB DESIGN, PRINTING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, created for marketing and Advertising.

Advertising - is a Part of Every Successful Business ! It is a Must-Have Strategic Tool to INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS SALES AND CLIENTS, Not a nice-to-have frill when you can afford it... It is an Investments, Not an Expense.

Investment - because Advertising, Marketing and Promotional "Expenses" Will Pay-Off 100 % and if you do it right, it's all Tax Deductible (Be sure to check with your tax advisor!).


Your Professional Web Designer!

We Increase Sales and Clients through Creative Design and Web-design Services!

DESIGN by KASSABIAN ™ offering :

WEB DESIGN with Web Maintenance, PRINTING and GRAPHIC DESIGN Services.

Photo and Video Editing, Animations, 2D Cartoon Drawings of Characters in Graphic Design Art /Digital Art. Large Custom Wedding Cake Designs. Personalized Interiors Wall-Art, Canvas Prints, Frame Pictures.

Graphics Design Art, Web Design, Print Design /Printing Services.

Graphic Design - According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), graphic design is defined as “The Art and practice of Planning and Projecting Ideas and Experiences with Visual and Textual Content. In other terms, Graphic Design Communicates certain Ideas or Messages in a Visual Way. These Visuals can be as simple as a Business Logo, or as complex as Page Layouts on a Website.

The Art - is the product of Imagination and Creativity. Particularly in a Physical Form. Drawings, Design, Web Design, Print Design, Graphic Art Design, Painting, Animations, Sculpture and Theatrical Performance are each an Example of Art.

Graphic Designer - Imagine and Create Static Visual Content for PRINTING and WEB DESIGN

(by Print Graphic Designers and Web Graphic Designers / Web Designer).

UI Design, UX Design, CX Design.

UI Design / Web UI Design - is Web User Interface Design - refers to the aesthetic Elements by which people interact with a product, such as buttons, icons, menu bars, typography, colors, and more...

UI Designer / Web UI Designer - Create Interactive Visual Content. This includes the Graphical Elements and Elements of Websites that users interact with.

UX Design / Web UX Design - is Web User Experience Design - refers to the Experience a user has when interacting with a Product or Graphical or Web Elements.

CX Design - is Customer Experience Design - Encompasses every single interaction a user has with a particular business or brand. (Graphic Design, Web /Print Design, Product, Service, and Etc.) The relationship between a customer and an organization is based on various types of interactions throughout many different points of contact.

A Customer’s Experience - doesn’t always start with the first use of a company’s product. There are often many touch-points between the customer and the brand, both before, after, and even during the consumer’s use of the product. A “good” customer experience usually means seamless and enjoyable exchanges from beginning to end.

Let’s use purchasing an iPhone as an Example - As an Apple customer, the quality of your CX / Customer Experience is not just determined by how pleasant it is to use an iPhone. But also what it was like to purchase it, how easy it is to contact support and access repairs, and even how captivating, entertaining, or effective their marketing campaign was. This is one area in which CX /Customer Experience differs from UX /User Experience.

Web Design - is a branch of web development and a type of design whose task is to design web user interfaces for Websites or Web Applications: design the logical structure of web pages; think over the most convenient solutions for presenting information; engaged in the design of a web project.

Web Graphic Designer - is a Professional that specializes in using creative and software programming or engineering skills to improve the building and designing of websites. Web designers usually understand user experience (UX) and can build a website that is easy to navigate, understand and SEO Friendly Web Sites. Click for more...

We understand difference - between Simple Web Design, Web Development , Website CX Design and Website UX Design. And we use them all, The Right Way! We think that the Web Design should not be only Web Coding, Flat Programming or Web Development, as an old school. But it should be CX Web Design /Customer Experience Design, with UX Web Design /User Experience Design in it!

UX Designed Websites - Gives to your website users - Great User Experience. We Design Professional Simple and Unique Websites that includes: Beautiful Graphics Design for Websites (Digital Art); Right size Photo's; Logo's and Image's; Easy to Read Font's; Easy to Understand and to use Website Navigation's; and Accessibility-Ready Web Pages.

CX Designed Websites - Designed the way, so your potential clients (and website users) can feel Customer Experience Web Design at top-notch! They can see your UX Web-Designed Website, with great impression of your business, and feel your company's professionalism, and your care about them.

Our Websites Beautiful, Professional, Simple, Unique, Google SEO (Search Engine Optimized), and also Affordable, Inexpensive or Cheap !

Print Design - Same as Web Design is done for various Purposes, but the main three are Advertisement / Promotion, Marketing, and Brand Awareness /Branding.

Print Design - is a Graphic Design Service Process that use Elements such as Shapes, Colors, Typography, Images and More to convey ideas to an audience. Its end-product is a Design in a Digital Form (.jpg, jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .gif, png, .pdf, etc. files), which then can appear on Print Media like Business Cards, Menu's, Postcards, Billboards, Signs, Flyers, Brochures and gets printed onto a material, such as paper, vinyl, cardboard, plastic, metal, ceramics, and a range of other marketing materials. Rather than appear only on digital spaces like websites.

Print Design - is a Graphic Design Service Process provided by Print Designer. It Does-NOT include the process of printing. Print Design Can be done with or with-out Printing Process.

Printing Process - Print Service is a process of converting Digital Art Idea or File for mass reproducing from Special Digital File on to Marketing Materials, witch Can-NOT be done without Print Design Services, without Mock-Ups, Digital File, Master Form, or Template Files, witch was designed and created by the Print Designer for Specific Print Media what customer need.

Print Designer - Specialize in the Creation of Visual Graphic Print Designs, Printing Service, Digital Product or Service, for Your Business Needs such as Brochures, Labels, Business Cards, and a range of other Marketing materials. And Prepare Mock-Ups, Digital File, Master Form, or Template File. And create the final quality Designs for Printing Process.


Your Professional Web Designer!

We Increase Sales and Clients through Creative Design and Web Design Services !

We Love what we do for You in our DESIGN by KASSABIAN ™ - Studio - Online Studio -

Our Work is not only Professional, Simple, Unique, Beautiful, Affordable but also Inexpensive for any business!

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