We can help You choose:

Domain Name for your Website


Domain Extension for a Domain Name - for example:

.COM, .BIZ, .NET, .ORG, etc.

With the choice of Hosting for your Website.

With a choice of Hosting size. With a choice of Server type. With a choice of Server speed.

With the choice of Web-maintenance for your Website.

And with or without the addition of additional Web Services for individual and specific needs.

And we help you with the choice of the TYPE of the Website, 

which is best suited for You or for Your business:

And also  we provide all types of Maintenance for Websites and Mobile Applications in the complex of our services.

Mobile ready development for all of our Websites is  included.

Development of adaptive design of websites for mobile devices.

Basic SEO (e.g.  a small promotion in the Google search engine)  included.

Additionally, we can offer paid promotion in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Web Design  -  is the  PROCESS  of Creating Web Media by Web Designer.


(And in some cases,  by  Web Designer, with  Website Developer, with Web Project Manager, with Graphic Design Artist, and Web Graphic Designer).                               -  Click to Read More...

Web Designer  Creating Website's, Pages, Planning, Coding, Updating and Maintaining Web Site.   Web Designer Responsible for Consulting with Clients on the choice of Style, Layouts, Photographs, Graphics, Images, Logos, Text, Sounds, Video clips.  Name of Website,   Domain Name  and Hosting Registration Processes.   Links to Clients Social Media.  And for getting a better idea of the client's Product's, Service's and Business Needs.

Website  -  A Digital Product - A Collection of Web Media Files, Web Pages, Programming Codes, Images, Photos, Graphics, Animations, Text, Web Links and Related Content, that is identified by a common Domain Name and Published on at least one Web Hosting Server and Interconnected with Social Media Sites and Search Engine's like Google (Basic SEO).

Website Developer  -  Responsible for Technical Part of Website, Web Pages, Web Links. Accessibility Ready Web Design. Web Coding, Hosting, Website's Performance, Web Capacity, Basic Search Engine Optimization, and Easy to Navigate. 

Web Project Manager  -  Oversees the Development of a Web Project, from the initial stage to its actual online deployment. He Collaborates with Stakeholders on Web Projects, Leads Web Product Development Team, and Prepares Project Status Reports.

Graphic Design Artist  -  Focused First on Digital Art.  That has many Types (2D, 3D etc.). Made by Using Software, Computers, or other Electronic Devices. More Types of Digital Art Keep Coming In, as the years roll by, Because Technology, too, Keeps Developing every year.

Web Graphic Designer  -  Focused First on Communicating a Message. By Using Different Fonts, Graphics, Images etc. And does not only use Digital Visual Arts, but Can Involves Movement (Animations, Interactive Elements, Audio, Sound Effects , Movie, Video, and other related Web Media.

Web Media (a.k.a. Digital Content)  -  is the END-PRODUCT of Web Designing Process.

Digital Content  -  is a PRODUCT (or Service).  It is usually Privately-Owned, so it is Digital Property owned by someone who created it, and/or who have full control over when and where it appears.  Sometimes it is  Public-Property, so it is free to use by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

For Example  -  Company Logo, Symbols, Images, Digital Documents, Digital Files, Photos, Company Slogan, Text, Blog, App, Video's, Audio Files, Music, Animations, Webinars, etc.  Digital Content Can be Located on - Computer Drives, CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive,  or Online  on Social Media Platform and Devices, YouTube Channel's,  App's, or Hosting Server's, and on Website.

5  PARTS  OF       -   WEB DESIGN  -       by:   DESIGN by KASSABIAN ™                   -    Click to Read...

1)  WEB DESIGN  -   WEB MEDIA FILES or Digital PRODUCT or Web Creating Process.  Digital Art Service, Created by Web Designer.  (Starting New Website, Updating Web or Redesigning Outdated Site).  This is what we Create for You and for Your business in Web Design complex.

(It is like a Car or Truck - so it can be any Class, Size, Price, Quality, and Purpose.   E.g. "Taxi Cab" Used, Inspected, and Maintained by the Taxi Company or Third-Party Vendor, to Generate Income).

2)  WEB HOSTING  - PARKING SPOT for Web Media Files. (Space, or Folder For Rent, on Some Remote Server Disc Drives).  We are setting up right type of Hosting for You, if You are ordering Web Design complex from us!

(It's like Unit, in one of the Public Self-Storage Buildings, on one of the Property Sites what can be Anywhere, Any Size and Specs.   E.g. Taxi Space on Parking Lot, or Space in Taxi Parking Garage Building).

3)  DOMAIN NAME  - Used to Identify  IP ADDRESS.   ("www" Text Link to Files and Folders Location's on Hosting Drives).  We can buy one basic Domain Name for You, if You are ordering Web Design complex from us!

(It's like Unit Number, in one of the Public Self-Storage Buildings, that gives us complete Address, with zip code.  E.g. Taxi Parking Space Number, in Parking Garage Building, on Some Street, City, State, Country). 

4)  WEB-MAINTENANCE  - TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICE.  (Hosting, Domain Name, Search Engine, Web Media, Codes).  We are providing basic Web-maintenance, if You are ordering Web Design complex from us!

(It is like a Car or Truck Maintenance Routine. Updating Driver's License, Tag Registration, Insurance, Rental Agreement. Fixing, Washing, Cleaning...  E.g. Keeping Up-To-Day Taxi License, Contact Info on Cab Signs and Stickers, Fixing Scratches, etc.).

5)  S.E.O.  - Basic Search Engine Optimization.  (It is the Process of Taking Steps to Help a Website, Rank Higher on Google).  We are providing basic Google SEO, if You are ordering Web Design complex from us!

(It is like a Taxi Company Signage, Marketing, Web Online Advertising, and Advertising Campaign or Basic Listings in Phone Directories, so it can be Find and Contacted for services).

Affordable  PRINTING / DESIGN / WEB DESIGN  with Maintenance